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UN Resolution on Gambia Leaves Loophole for Violence

The UN Security Council passed a resolution in which the use of force in Gambia is not openly supported but...

UN Security Council votes on resolution to endorse actions of ECOWAS in Gambia "to ensure, by political means first, respect of the will of the people.” When Journalists asked to the French Ambassador Francois Delattre if the resolution gave authorization for the use of force, he referred to a section of the text... In the meantime Senegalese troops are moving in

by Eilish Rose Anderson

Samatha Power UNSC

UN Discusses Iran Nuclear Deal: But Will It Last with Trump?

Just days before Donald Trump's Inauguration, at the UN Security Council the Iran Nuclear Deal and Samantha Power's farewell

At the dawn of a new US administration, the UN Security Council is briefed by Italian Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi, the Facilitator of resolution 2231 on the JCPoA on Iran, a legacy of the Obama administration. But will it last for much longer? In her last address as US Representative, Ambassador Samantha Power urges member states to "pedal hard"

by Eilish Rose Anderson


Made in Italy

Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award: More Than Just Coffee

Ahmed Legesse of Ethiopia recognized as the “Best of the Best” coffee in the first annual award gala at the U.N.

Andrea Illy explained there is one particular aroma, linked to a compound in the green coffee bean in Ethiopia, that, 20 years ago, his father Ernesto discovered was also a key component of the best scent existing in the world: Chanel No.5. “People don’t know that in one cup of coffee there are over 1000 aromatic compounds..."

by Enza Antenos

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