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Populist Movements and their Impact on Western Democracies

At Stony Brook University an international conference on the emergence of populist movements

Populism grows with anti-establishment resentment, in which a large percentage of the population feels that wealth is not separated from political influence and representative democracy lacks a fair distribution of citizen power. The Center for Italian Studies at Stony Brook University has organized a conference to learn and explain what is happening to Western democracies.

by Mario Mignone

President Trump and Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni press conference.

The Double Faced Trump: He Praises Italy, Then He Humiliates Gentiloni

During the press conference at the White House, the US President shows two faces on Libya and to the visiting prime minister of Italy

The meeting between Donald Trump and Paolo Gentiloni at the White House seems to be going in the best way possible, until, the President of the United States answered a question on Libya, giving the opposite response to what the premises of the topic and Italian hopes were. Then, incredibly, he stops listening to the translation while his interlocutor is still speaking.

by Stefano Vaccara

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