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The Second Amendment: An Irrelevant Relic

The United States today has the largest standing armed forces ever assembled: the rationale for the Second Amendment is completely lost in history

The Second Amendment must be repealed. It was written after a war in which a new nation without a standing army defeated the biggest standing army on the planet: to defend itself, the new country relied on citizens arming themselves in civilian militias. But the situation today is completely different: the militias are now called the standing National Guard and the Second Amendment is a relic

by Joe Lauria

Prime Minister Gentiloni, There's Something I Need to Say about Your Language

Dear Presidente del Consiglio, Italian University reform, yes, but not at the expense of the Italian language

The last sitting head of Italian government I heard speak was Giulio Andreotti, when my alma mater, University of Toronto, bestowed upon him an honorary degree in 1992. I was very young and naïve at that time, and I was in awe of the leader that he was professed to be. Then the other night, when Dr. Albertini mentioned Paolo Gentiloni was making history...

by Enza Antenos


When 15 Nations Signed a Treaty to Ban War Forever

In Paris, on August 27, 1928, the Treaty was signed but the WWII and the other conflicts reduced it to an innocuous and useless law

79 years ago, the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, the Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Commonwealth of New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State, India, the King of Italy, Japan, Poland and the Czechoslovak were the initial signatories of the Treaty.

by Vito De Simone


One Year Later, Amatrice Finds Its Redemption Thanks to Food

The story of Alessio Bucci, from the earthquake to an entrepreneurial renaissance: "We were helped by our fellow Italians and by our mayor. The government is too slow"

On the night of the quake Sergio Pirozzi, the Mayor of Amatrice, told the media: “The town no longer exists.” One year later, the story of Alessio Bucci is one of the most exciting stories of survival and rebirth. Alessio was rescued from beneath the rubble of the Hotel Roma and fought for his life in the hospital. Now, he and his family are back in business in Amatric's new Food Area.

by Wolfgang Achtner


North Korea's Missile Test and the UNSC’s Constant Déjà Vu

The United Nations Security Council once again faces grave violations involving Pyongyang’s first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

UN Security Council address's the recent missile testing by the DPRK on June 4th 2017. US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley warns that military action will be taken in North Korea if necessary. For France the level of the new challenge will prevent any Déjà Vu, but China and Russia remain 'on the fence.'

by Martha Libri


Fashion and Cinema, from "Made in Italy" to the Italian Style

The review of Eugenia Paulicelli's book that highlights the role of design and cinema in Italy, yesterday and today

In her last book "Italian Style: Fashion and Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age", Eugenia Paulicelli sheds a new light on the interrelation between fashion and cinema. An analysis of the individuality of the dive and their innovative way of wearing and displaying clothes, from the end of the 19th century to today.

by Giulia Po DeLisle


Pope Francis’s Pilgrimage to Bozzolo, for the Militant Priest of Human Rights

Bergoglio at the tomb of don Primo Mazzolari, antifascist priest and friend of the partisans

During the Fascist regime, don Primo Mazzolari, a thorn in the side of the regime, was closely monitored. During the Resistance, he was a moral guide and a logistical resource for the Partisans of his region, thus becoming a target of the Nazi-Fascists. His message couldn't be more timely: “God doesn’t care about our skin color, language or religion, if we live on the equator or at the Pole, […] he looks only at the Human Being.”

by Stefano Albertini

Business Italian Style

dino borri


Dino Borri: A Life Dedicated to Good, Clean, and Fair Food

As part of the Business Italian Style 2 project, a group of university students interview the general manager of Eataly North America

In the latest iteration of the Business Italian Style 2 project – in collaboration with the Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies at Montclair State University – a group of students pursuing Italian major explored the connections between Made in Italy and sustainability. Dino Borri, general manager of Eataly North America, helped them understand how respecting the environment and promoting Made in Italy worldwide can go hand in hand.

by Kathleen Lafaurie, Christina Pari, Brittany Savill


Illy: Family Values from Plant to Cup

An interview with Andrea Illy, Chairman of the Board of the Trieste coffee company

As part of the Business Italian Style 2 project, a group of Montclair State University students met Andrea Illy, third generation to helm the family business founded in Trieste in 1933. The company spreads Italian culture coffee around the world and has made quality its banner. And where there is quality, explained Andrea Illy, there is sustainability.

by Talia Antonacci, Ken Browne, James Lo Cascio


Lidia Bastianich: Between Two Worlds in Pursuit of Authenticity

Interview with chef and TV personality from Istria who has built an empire in the U.S.

Her business centers around food, yet Lidia Bastianich is much more than a chef: famous television personality, entrepreneur with restaurants throughout the U.S., her own private label, and Eataly USA partner. To a group of Montclair State University students who interviewed her as part of the Business Italian Style 2 project, promoted by the Inserra Chair, she said that it all began with her grandmother and a farm full of animals.

by Rosemarie Di Filippo, Oscar Guevara Perez, Rosanna Hill, Cheryl Yodice

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