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Narrating America to Italians: a Book that Celebrates 10 Years of the Amerigo Award

The volume "Raccontami l'America" with the photos and bios of the 98 journalists who have received the award from the Amerigo Association, has been presented at the Center for American Studies in Rome.

The event featured a speech by the spokeswoman of the US Embassy in Rome, Lillian de Valcourt-Ayala, the conferring of the book, "Raccontami l'America" (Tell Me About America) to those journalists who have won the Amerigo Award since 2009,  and the presentation by Prof. Filippo Camerota of the digital version of the Martin Waldseemüller’s Map (1470 c. - 1521), considered the ‘birth certificate’ of America, a project carried out by the Museo Galileo in Florence.

di La Voce di New York

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