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A New York Beniamino Barrese col film sul sogno del "mondo al contrario" di sua madre

In occasione di Open Roads al Lincoln Center, La Voce di New York intervista Beniamino Barrese per la sua opera prima "The Disappearance of My Mother", unico film italiano al Sundance Film Festival e che ha trovato già distribuzione negli USA. Protagonista è la storia d’amore di un figlio per una madre e di una madre per un figlio e quello che colpisce è la profondità di questo sentimento, che il regista ci mostra attraverso i suoi occhi in modo amorevole, ma tumultuoso, intimo, ma assoluto

di Marco Graffeo

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Giuseppe Pezzano, the Philantrepreneur that Unifies Italy and the US with Soccer

Born in Locri, Italy, university studies in Florence, visionary and courageous, Giuseppe Pezzano experiments in many areas: from cell phones, to education, culture, soccer, and hotels. With all the success that he’s had, he has created a bridge between Italy and the US in Seattle: “Business in and of itself doesn’t interest me, but rather the capacity to reach goals that create development, opportunity, relationship exchanges and progress…In 1989, my uncle was killed in front of his dealership because he would not give in to extortion. I was 15 years old, and that event really touched me and changed me forever. Today, that Calabria of honesty that my uncle represented, made of hard work, sacrifice, passion and honesty, is the one that I am very proud of.”

di Liliana Rosano

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