Grace Russo Bullaro

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Who Is the “Latino” Voter? Does Such a Person Exist? Time for a Wake-up Call

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Restaurants May Be Dying Thanks to Covid-19, but Personal Chefs Are Thriving

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“Fratelli Tutti”: Pope Francis and the Conflict Between Politics and Spirituality

Vincenzo Pietropaolo

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Vincenzo Pietropaolo: Italian-Canadian Photographer Turns His Lens on Injustice

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It’s Official, Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris, a Woman with Experience and Credibility

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Cancel Culture: When Political Correctness Highjacks Both Humanity and History

Politica -

Perché vorrei un essere umano responsabile, empatico e morale alla Casa Bianca

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Why I Want a Warm Human Being Back in the White House

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Social Collision and Protest: 1968 vs. 2020. Have We Learned Anything Yet?

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