Manuela Antonucci

Manuela Antonucci was born in Taranto, Puglia. She has been responsible for quality in a major Tuscan company. Passionate about art since she was a child, she is fascinated by stories linked to the lives of painters.She never ceases to “observe” art; to feel it, touch it, smell it. She thinks it is essential to be “shot through by art” and to do this it is necessary to “stop thinking”, trusting in introspective dynamics that are different from rational ones. She is the author of the art monograph “Oltre la tela” [Beyond the Canvas], published by WF Edizioni (2016). She collaborates with the “Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti” of Florence (LABA) and is member of the steering committee of the “Fondazione Boccardini” of Perugia.

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