Daniela Tanzj e Andrea Bentivegna

Daniela Tanzj: Italian architect living in New York City. Since I moved in2009 I have had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious architectural firms and to study in one if the Ivy league of the United States with a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University. I love to cook, experimenting new receipt every time, often (but not always) with interesting results. Andrea Bentivegna: I live in Rome working as critic and investigator in the history if architecture. I graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome with a dissertation on modern architecture in Bogota, city where I studied for several months. I curated international workshops and exhibitions and I currently manage a blog where I explore architectural events based in Rome and in New York. What really made me popular is undoubtedly the cosplay of Ghostbuster, one if my favorite movies.


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The Mausoleum of the Ardeatine Massacre, an Architectural Work Of Memory

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