Leggi in Italiano

be part of us, be part of it.

We are an American newspaper, free and independent because we are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We write predominantly from New York and Italy and want to broaden collaborations with journalists and commentators everywhere.

Currently, only 20% of La Voce di New York’s articles are also in English. Translating most articles would allow us to reach millions of potential readers who are interested in Italy and in our stories.

We want to expand our current section dedicated to the Italian language, using a fun and engaging style: grammar and culture, regional dialects, school partnerships, linguistic curiosities and special columns.

Millions of Italian and people of Italian origin in Northern Italy, Europe and the U.S. are custodians of extraordinary memories. More and more people even now move to a new country to start a new life in search of a better future. These are extraordinary stories, both old and new, to gather and share forever, online on La Voce di New York.

Let’s imagine a social platform where New Yorkers, Italian and all lovers of Italy around the world can meet, share experiences and have networking opportunities. A social network that starts in New York: an extraordinary pairing of art and food, design and fashion, liberty and beauty.