Eyes On Italy: discovering Italian language, culture and lifestyle

CampusX at Tor Vergata

CampusX at Tor Vergata

There are many ways to learn Italian. Here the approach proposed by a company which launched in Rome a project to promote the "italianità" in the world, focusing, along with the language, on culture and cuisine of the Belpaese (Leggi in Italiano)


Italian is among the top five languages studied in the world. This is showed by the 22 thousand students who come to the Peninsula every year to deepen their knowledge about Italian language and culture. Italian attracts mostly young people and students who account for 43,4% of the total number (Asils Report 2012).

Rosanna Giampino, Managing Director della Eyes S.r.l.

Rosanna Giampino, Managing Director della Eyes S.r.l.

Literature, art, design and fashion are among the most popular cultural interests that encourage foreigners to come to Italy and learn its language. The global enthusiasm for the culture of our Country and for Made in Italy is indeed the main reason that motivates young foreigners to study Italian in one of the cities in the peninsula.

In order to meet the need of an innovative language learning program, Eyes S.r.l., a vocational education institute which works in both Italy and abroad, has launched in Rome a project which will export “Italianity” to the rest of the world – Eyes On Italy, Summer YOUniversity. The aim is to create an integrated course which combines Italian language learning with culture discovery and to develop a deep vision of “Italianity” and the sense of belonging to our “Bel Paese” to foreign students.

“The key point of the characteristics of the program, on which we work side by side with the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, is to fulfill the needs of people who want to learn Italian language with customized programs which integrates the latest foreign language learning methods in a cool environment,” says Rosanna Giampino, director of Eyes S.r.l..

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners who are leaders in the “Made in Italy” industry at a global level, as Eataly, MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) and CLICI (Italian Language and Culture Center of University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), Eyes On Italy combines the language learning with indoor and outdoor lessons, didactic tours and various Passion Workshops from which students may choose. CampusX Tor Vergata, the biggest university campus in Italy, is the place where the students of Eyes on Italy will be well accommodated and have their indoor lessons. Language, Culture and Lifestyle are the key words of Eyes on Italy.

The Italian language course will be taught by teachers from CLICI of University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. The Italian culture course will be held in 3 didactic tours relating to Italian Art, Archeology and Cinema.

The Passion Workshops, one of the distinctive characteristics of Eyes on Italy, will be organized by the best organizations in the didactic area in Rome (MACRO and Eataly), where students will discover their skills and experiment the Italian artistic, culinary and cultural traditions with the guidance of experts in the related area.

“We don’t offer only an Italian language course, with Eyes On Italy the language becomes an approach to discover Italian culture and tradition,” says Roberto Martinelli, CEO of Eyes S.r.l..

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