Around the World in a Glass of Wine, departing from NYC

How could La VOCE di New York not have a space for good drinking? Introducing our new column in which we'll tell stories of wine in New York City, between innovation and tradition, with a look at the trends and a touch of lightness (Leggi in italiano)

I have two great passions in life: New York City and Wine. I have lived in this city for over twenty years. When I was eighteen years old, I left New Orleans with only a suitcase and backpack to start a new life in New York, like so many others from around the world. New York is a city that belongs to the world. Its greatness comes from the idea that its population is made up of people from various cultures. 

Why did I get into wine?

The main reason I love wine, is the main reason I love New York: opportunities to connect with people from around the world. To really know a wine you need to know the people, the place, the history. New York gives me the opportunity to meet many people from different places; many of them are winemakers, winery owners or great personalities in the wine world. I first started drinking very simple wine in New Orleans when I was young. When I came to New York, I started meeting people from around the world, and we would always connect by sitting down and sharing a glass of wine from their region. They would share stories from their home and I quickly learned that part of knowing a region's culture was knowing the wines of the region. 

These great experiences made me want to get into the wine business. I have worked in the wine trade for over a decade in New York City. It is an incredible business, especially since I work in one of the greatest wine cities in the world. We have every wine from any country. Everyone wants to be in New York City, so we get market visits from many winemakers. I am lucky to talk to many different people who are making such interesting wines around the world, and to taste many different types of wines. It is a very exciting time for wine lovers in New York City. 

What am I doing here?

I would like to share the incredible experiences that I have with wine in New York City. Whether it is the owner of a great wine estate in France or Italy, or a new winemaker from New Zealand or Argentina trying to do something untraditional and different. While giving you the perspective of a New Yorker, a person who not only works in the business but who loves wine, I would like to either introduce readers to wines that they have never tried, or inspire giving a traditional region another chance, since some producers in European countries are experimenting with different styles today. 

There are few other cities that have the energy of New York. It is a city that inspires creativity and individualism. It is a city that is on the cutting edge of what is new and exciting. That is why many winery owners feel that if their wine can make a name for themselves in this market, then they can make a name for themselves around the world. Join me in my great journey of finding what is new and exciting when it comes to wine.


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