In Scena! Festival / Angiulina The Mule or The Universal Mother

La VOCE di New York, proud media partner of In Scena! Italian Theatre Festival in New York, introduces a series of video-interviews with the Festival's key players. In today's episode, actress Rossella Raimondi reveals how "The Mule" tells the story of all the women who loved too much.


In today's Episode of InScena! with Irene we meet with Rossella Raimondi, an actress trained in Milan with Quelli di Grock and director Claudio Orlandini's Comteatro, with which she still currently collaborates. She seeks artists that are close to her vision. She also sings jazz, plays cello and performs as the Clown Ronfella. 

We took her to the home of jazz, in the Lower East Side, to find out more about her character Angiulina The Mule who, at a first sight, looks far away from her and from contemporary, independent women!

In this interview she tells us how she created this character; how did Rossella turn into such a simple woman, who comes from the countryside and from a world completely centered on handwork? whose worst punishment is an anorexic daughter who rejects her food and the curse of a depressed husband?  On a rooftop, overlooking the Empire State Building, Rossella reveals what's behind Angiulina's sorrow.

One show only: Thursday May 7, 6:00pm at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo at NYU, 24 W 12th Street, Manhattan.

Angiulina The Mule is produced by Teatro degli Incontri (Milano / Lombardia).

Full Production in Mantua dialect with supertitles.

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