In Scena! Festival / WEBully or WEBullied?

For our series of video interviews with the key players of In Scena! Theater Festival, today we meet with Ermanno Nardi and Serena Facchini, actors and authors of WEBulli, a play that deals with bullying in the era of social media


Today we chat with Ermanno Nardi and Serena Facchini, actors and authors of WEBullione of the highlights of 2015 InScena! Festival. WEBulli is a show meant to reach a teen audience, dealing with bullying and social media. 

Bullying is not a new phenomenon –it has always existed in schools. Nor is the need to be noticed. But how have these issues changed because of today’s social networks and new technologies? Once in schools it was dreadful to be beaten or excluded from the “cool” crew and kids were afraid of mockery, nicknames and jokes. Nowadays punches are less tangible: they are the videos posted online, anonymous messages, stolen pictures, false identities. Less physically painful but dangerous as moral injuries.

Starting from true stories in the news, WEBulli uses the images and language of the social media to directly address the youngest audience, using amazing soundtracks, videos and a Facebook page that turns into a set, physically surrounding and absorbing the two characters.


May 8, 7:30pm, at Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside, 647 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan.

WEBully is produced by Elea Teatro/Industria Scenica, Next Laboratorio delle Idee – Regione Lombardia with Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana, Fondazione ASM. Writing and directing supervisor: Renata Ciaravino; video project: Elvio Longato; technincian: Marco Grisa.

Performed in Italian.

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