Broken dances… In the Bubble of Pasolini

A very unique walk through the streets of New York talking about Rome, Pasolini and solitude with Benedetta Capanna, chorepgrapher of Broken Dances, the only dance show at In Scena! 2015 (Leggi l'intervista in italiano)

For the first time at In Scena! we have a dance company, with a show that honors Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian journalist, writer, director, to whom this year's festival is dedicated on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of his death. The show is copresented with IDACO NY, the Italian Dance Festival starting on Wednesday May  20th.

Pasolini was from Udine, in the North of Italy, buthis heart was in Rome, where he lived a long and significative part of his life. Benedetta Capanna tells us the hardships of an artist in the Italian Capital and the balance between longing to flee the city and to delve into it.  Together with dances, Pasolini's words are part of the show, that includes excerpts from his wide production of writings.

Benedetta says that it would be pretentious to dance a piece exclusively centred on Pier Paolo Pasolini for the complexity of his character and the vastness and eclecticism of his work. She presents a dance that is a dialogue between the beating of time in Rome and the  texts and cinematographic quotes.

Benedetta Capanna, choreographer and dancer, collaborates with the Excursus supported by MIBACT for dance production. Her choreographic research, through meticulous work on the connection between mind and body wants to embrace the poetry of human fragility and the urgency of its passions.

Broken dances for Benedetta are the days when "everything seems to break into pieces, where even dreams are intermittent, where relations are all over the place”. We asked her how her life and solitudes in Rome are different from the life and the solitudes lived in New York…


Borken Dances

May 18 at 8:00pm – BAAD (2474 Westchester Ave, Bronx) 


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