Love Sicilian Style: Viola di Mare at In Scena! Festival

Isabella Carloni opened the In Scena! Festival with the story of a woman who traded her identity for Love, and she comes back today at Brooklyn College (Leggi l'intervista in italiano)

On the very first day of the festival Isabella Carloni, actress of the monologue Viola di Mare (Rainbowfish) told us about what's behind her choice of this character. Based on a true Sicilian story, the show is set in a small Sicilian island at the end of the 1800 and tells the story of a girl, her rebellion and her impossible love. She will be determined enough to win her fight against her father’s fury and the bigotry of her village, yet there is a price to pay for her freedom: an irreversible exile from her true identity, a life spent stumbling around inside someone else’s clothes, that bind her as tightly as a second skin.

Isabella Carloni reveals how, as an actress, in this drama she also finds a beautiful catharsis and how this wonderful, passionate and brave character attracted her with the force of equality, understanding and love.

While telling the story of Pina, turning herself into a man to be able to marry her beloved Sara, Isabella Carloni turns into the many other characters of the play. In a world that is incapable of accepting diversity, Pina’s double life will serve as an example of freedom for everybody.

Isabella Carloni is not only the head of the company Rovine Circolari, but she's an amazing actress, singer and playwright, and has worked with some of Italy’s most prestigious directors, including Tony Servillo, Cecchi, Baliani, De Capitani. She has focused her personal research on vocal dramaturgy, from epic-narrative theater to singing-theater. Some of her representative female roles include: Circe, Joyce Lussu, Joan of Arc, Alda Merini, the Sixties Housewife.”

Viola di Mare is a universal drama that, yet, will leave you with true hope in the strength of love.


Viola di Mare

May 19 at 7:30pm – Brooklyn College (2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn).


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