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The Passion of Gramsci

At Harvard, Diego Fusaro presents his new book and talks about Antonio Gramsci

Harvardianaby Javier Suarez Trejo

Do you want to change the world? Read Gramsci. Javier Suarez Trejo, a doctoral student in Spanish and Italian at Harvard, interviews Diego Fusaro on his recent book about the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci. La passione di essere nel mondo (Antonio Gramsci. The passion of being in the world; Feltrinelli, 2015), that he recently presented at Harvard. Fusaro, an Italian philosopher at the University San Raffaele in Milan, is the curator of the international project, writes for Il Fatto quotidiano and La Stampa. Here he talks about the Gramsci’s thought and how it can be still relevant in contemporary society.

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