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April 25th & VNY: Liberty Finally Meets Beauty

La Voce di New York celebrates its third year and “Liberty Meets Beauty” at NYU’s Casa Italiana

La voce di New York
Raising a glass to Italy’s Liberation Day, which coincides with its anniversary, and appropriately at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU, a perfect venue for this celebration, VNY reaffirms the value of independent media and presents a video to illustrate its vision of liberty and beauty as a bridge between Italy and the U.S.


Dear readers of La Voce di New York,

April 25 marks the anniversary of our third year online in the name of values of liberty and independence these values being now tied to beauty, that is the restyling and mission of our editorial plan that was inaugurated at the beginning of this year framed within the magnificent Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, home of the Department of Italian Studies at New York University, temple of Italian culture, liberty and beauty in America.

As always, we are proud to celebrate our anniversary on the day in which Italy celebrates la festa della libertà, literally Liberation Day, which marks the Italian redemption from Nazi-Fascist crimes and that renewed and strengthened the friendship between the people of Italy and the United States of America.

Thousands of articles have been published over the last three years on this media bridge that was created by VNY to connect America and Italy. We are pleased to announce, with a touch of pride in our voice, that we are entering into the next phase. Still holding strong our principles which guarantee the independence and credibility of our paper, we intend to venture into new territory with respect to both editorial and graphics: “Liberty meets Beauty!”

Since the beginning, newspapers want to change the world by writing about it. We’re a little Italian, a little American and for this reason want to marry the two cultures by following a model where writing, doing business and creating something new is possible and auspicious.

Ideally our principal points of reference are Italy and the U.S. (and in particular New York), but our ultimate objective is to speak to all Italians around the world, as well as to those who love Italy, to make this newspaper a true meeting point. Many bridges have been built yet the web is certainly the most powerful. Web culture has demonstrated that true communities start from the bottom up—they allow for everyone to participate, to be a protagonist.

We will discuss everything, from news to politics, from art to food to travel, with the objective to give preference to the tone of a piece, in search of stories that demonstrate all those things that happen in the world about which other papers don’t write. As one of our most beloved and profound singer songwriters says: La storia siamo noi, nessuno si senta esclusoAs our readers already know, VNY is a newspaper that does not have any political or economic interests; this gives us great liberty and credibility. We write what we deem just to write. We are now prepared to provide a place for everyone who considers themselves a protagonist of innovation and change and even more to the point in Italy We side with businesses, startups, ventures, follies, with people who call things into question, point an accusatory finger, invent, and, naturally, with Made in Italy.

You may have noticed in the last three months, with the restyling of the site that is still underway, we have wanted to maintain a clean layout. Now we are ready to start hosting ads on the website. I invite all Italian investors and businesses present in the American market, and American companies with an Italian presence, to “marry” this paper, first and foremost for the values it espouses. I believe that sponsorship of our paper should not have as its sole objective to sell more products the day an ad appears. I instead believe that VNY and its sponsors should appear on the web together, unified, and highlight Italian and American excellencies on both shores of the Atlantic.

We are a “special” publication precisely because we are Italian in our hearts and American in our rules. We are, like we’ve said since the beginning, a newspaper “protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” Italy continues to decline in Freedom of the Press rankings conducted by authoritative international organizations. Our bet is that this editorial venture will find itself in ideal condition to continue to provide journalism that is characterized by total freedom of expression to provide real information and to do business in the best conditions possible. As journalists, we are fortunate and privileged, and thus ready to take on the great responsibility to not delude our readers who are dispersed around the world.

To achieve this goal, VNY has been strengthened thanks to contributions of a group of extraordinarily talented professionals in the media sector. An organic strengthening that renders our publication not only more attractive but also more competitive in a sector that has proven itself trying and in continual evolution, as is the case of online journalism.

Our new partners, Emilio Pursumal, Antonio Giambanco and Ignazio Stagnitta, are all proudly Sicilian, an island that certainly is and will continue to astonish the world.  I am also a very fortunate editor in chief and particularly proud of my team. First of all because of the enthusiastic, passionate and extraordinary work of my closest collaborators, Maurita Cardone, Marcello Cristo and new mom Chiara Zaccherotti: the “three musketeers” without whose extraordinary contributions and rare professional qualities, VNY may never have achieved these results to date. I am also extremely grateful to our friend and American partner, Jeff Gould, who adds his “American vision,” which is indispensible for the paper. I would also like to thank the over 80 contributors that provide on a monthly basis pieces and articles of great substance and that, with their talent and dedication, deliver on the promises made to our readers.

In closing, I would like to dedicated this celebration to a woman who recently left us but whose legacy remains immortal, Mariuccia Zerilli Marimò. The Baroness, founder and director of NYU’s Casa Italiana, institution that generously continues to host us and remains an icon for all those who wish to promote culture and ethic values of Italian beauty in the U.S. and in the world.

Happy April 25 to all our readers. Today we toast, with all friends of this Voce of beauty and liberty, the future of Italy and all peoples.



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