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The Movies come to In Scena!: “The Invention With No Future”

The inspirational story of two brothers that want to make their dreams come true. May 6th, 7th and 9th

The invention with no future - InScena!2017
A show at the limits of theater will bring the movies and hope to In Scena on May 6th, 7th and 9th. “The Invention With No Future” is an encouragement for all young people not to throw the towel, but to persist and have fun: small ideas can bring a revolution.

“L’Invenzione Senza Futuro” – “The Invention With No future” – was born from the collaboration of three entities from different parts of Italy: Compagnia deiDemoni, Genoa, Tedacà, Turin, and OffRome. It’s the story of two brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière, their dream and their struggle in making it come true. “It’s an invention that has no future!”: that’s what Antoine Lumière used to say to his sons and that’s where the show takes inspiration from. An invention with no future like many others are considered today, but also an invention that revolutionized the world. A story of failures, success, love and determination that will rejuvenate your motivation and determination.

This show created by Federico Giani, Mauro Parrinello and Celeste Gugliandolo, it’s an homage to the movies, their style and the way they changed the society forever. From the black and white movies, through the mute movies, to the color movie this show will time travelling. It recreates a movie and its feeling live on the stage. Now this award winning show comes to New York City to take part in the fifth edition of the Italian Theater Festival InScena!

While waiting to see it in New York, here the interview to Mauro Parrinello, one of the creators, actor and director of “The Invention With No Future.”

L'invenzione senza futuro, Mauro Parrinello, In Scena!, New York

Actor, director, playwright Mauro Parrinello.

How was this show created?

The idea for the show came when we realized that we, theater actors, experienced movies before theater. We were shocked about how much the movies contaminated our lives and the fact that each one of us remembers not only the exact first movie they saw, but also who was in the screening room with them, and then it hit us.

The InScena! Festival allows Italian acting companies to perform in the US. What do you think is a good way to efficiently spread Italian theater in the United States?

I think that the most efficient means to bring the Italian theater in the US is through a project like InScena! In other words, an event addressed to an audience that is not restricted to Italian Americans. However, I can also say that it’s not usual to see America theater in Italy either.

Is this your first time performing in the States? What does being in New York and performing in this city mean to you?

It’s the first time I will perform in the US and I am very happy it will be with “L’invenzione Senza Futuro,” because talking about movies and about the kind of movies that we, who wrote it, like, inevitably we are talking a lot about American movies.

What do you hope to bring back to Italy after this experience, from both a personal and professional perspective?

I hope that the “Invention With No Future” will come back to Italy with a better awareness. We are sure we couldn’t have a more different audience from the one we are used to.

L'invenzione senza futuro, Mauro Parrinello, In Scena!, New York

Mauro Parrinello, Celeste Gugliandolo and Federico Giani – L’invenzione senza futuro – Photo by Mauro Biodillo – Compagnia dei Demoni/Offrome/Tedacà (Piemonte).

Why should we come and see this show? What do you think or hope to give to the New York’s audience?

It’s always hard to tell someone why they should come and see your show. When during and interview, we were asked what kind of theater we make, we answered: “PIXAR!” And that’s because the movies that hit us the most were those animation movies in which the events of their improbable characters lead the audience to a wide range of emotions. Therefore, we hope we can give to the American audience what we managed to give to the Italian audience so far.

What would you like to transmit to the audience through this show? Do you think that it could be a source of inspiration for many young people who are trying to develop their own ideas or projects?

This project was born with a great advantage: we wanted to make a show we liked. We never asked if a choice we made could have been more captivating, more charming or of more effective. We created the drama all together, by improvising, making mistakes, but always having fun and playing. Developing a project should keep exactly those characteristics.

L'invenzione senza futuro, Mauro Parrinello, In Scena!, New York

Mauro Parrinello, Celeste Gugliandolo and Federico Giani – L’invenzione senza futuro – Photo by Mauro Biodillo – Compagnia dei Demoni/Offrome/Tedacà (Piemonte).

Often we hear that young people are disillusioned and without future. What do you think are the means that our youngsters can use to counteract this trend?

This is an interesting question. In our show, we tell the story of two brothers that have a dream and want to make it come true. But their father warns them: “yours is an invention with no future.” Today we are thankful that those guys didn’t throw in the towel. The means that young people can use today to counteract this trend is the same as the one used in 1886. Keep on persisting and always putting a lot of effort in with no reserves.

The show will be on stage in New York on May 6th at 2PM at Belmond Library and Enrico Fermi Cultural Center, on May 7th at 2PM at the Bernie Wohl Center At Goddard Riverside and on May 9th at 6PM at the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.

For more information: InScena!

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