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Sidewalk Diaries, Images of Harlem Folks on Exhibition in Milan

Claudio Napoli's photography meets Marco Gallotta's paper cutting in an exhibition that is a tribute to New York and its most characteristic neighborhood

by Marco Verdura

This exhibition is a declaration of love for New York and its most characteristic neighborhood. In her book, Life and Death in Great Cities, the American anthropologist Jane Jacobs pointed out the important role of sidewalks in the urban areas. More than half a century later, such a statement is still very true. Marco Gallotta and Claudio Napoli chose to portray Harlem citizens of 2019 in the street. The result is halfway between reality and fantasy. Claudio Napoli is a celebrated Italian photographer. Gallotta is a paper cutting artist. In this exhibition, Napoli’s photos are enhanced by Gallotta’s imaginative contribution. Every life becomes a story. The exhibition will be available in Milan till April 30th in Via Copernico 38.

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