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At NYU Casa Italiana “Propaganda: The Art of Political Indoctrination”

The exhibit opens on March 4th: curated by Nicola Lucchi, with pieces from Fondazione Sonia e Massimo Cirulli, concentrates mainly on the fascist period

by Casa Italiana NYU

Propaganda is one of the few Latin words that keeps its spelling and meaning in both Italian and English. Far from being a neutral and straightforward term, though, it is a word that has survived totalitarian regimes, representative democracies, and that seems to prosper even in our age of neo-nationalism and sovereignism.

NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò’s exhibit, opening tomorrow, March 4th, “Propaganda: The Art of Political Indoctrination”, conceived and curated by Professor Nicola Lucchi (Queens College), features a selection of pieces from the Fondazione Sonia e Massimo Cirulli and concentrates mainly on the fascist period. The fascist regime abolished elections but it was very aware of the need to persuade and convince the Italian people to support it. An entire generation of artists participated in the concerted efforts of the regime in a variety of fields.

Far from celebrating the shameful and criminal consequences of fascism, this exhibit offers the tools and the method to understand and deconstruct how propaganda worked and still works to this day.

Join us on opening night for a panel featuring curator Nicola Lucchi in conversation with Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Valentina Castellani, and Ara Merjian, followed by our opening reception, and check out our calendar for related events taking place throughout the exhibition’s duration.

All information here.

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