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NYU’s “Tutti a Casa!” Looks at How Tuscany Has Become a Filming Mecca

Stefania Ippoliti, Director of the Toscana Film Commission and the Mediateca Toscana, talks about the post-Covid-19 film world and Toscana

Probably no Italian region is recognized and celebrated worldwide as Tuscany. Most regions have names that are not translated or are completely unknown even to a refined audience. The Tuscan landscape, immortalized by the great master of Renaissance painting, is now one of the most coveted locations for filmmakers from all over the world.

Stefania Ippoliti, directs both the Toscana Film Commission and the Mediateca Toscana and she was  Stefano Albertini’s guest in the latest episode of “Tutti a Casa!”, the radio-style, web-based talk show produced by NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.  During the conversation, that saw the participation of some NYU students who are studying the image of Florence and Tuscany in cinema and literature, Ippoliti talked extensively about the post-Covid 19  film world in different ways. And then she concentrated on the resources that the Toscana Film Commission makes available to producers of films, TV series, commercials and much more. Dreams come true in Tuscany and cinema and TV are the main vehicles that perpetuate the myth, the legend and the reality of the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

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