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Creative Voyagers: A Challenge for Artists… A Vision into the Future

The New TV Docuseries Directed by Award-Winning Writer and Producer Stanley Isaacs, to Commence in 2021

Creative Pois-On LLC, 100% Entertainment and Annydi Productions have joined forces to launch Creative Voyagers, a bold and thought-provoking series which will enlist the inventive and imaginative talents of world-renowned artists who will be asked to face their most creative challenge: to envision and execute a project in their specialized field that, in addition to its artistic integrity, also shines a light on social or environmental issues that face the planet.

Stanley Isaacs

The series of self-contained films, directed by writer-producer Stanley Isaacs, will showcase each of the artists, from concept to completion, and document their creative process as they bring their art to life and their message to the world.

The diverse creative team behind Creative Voyagers consists of Stanley Isaacs (100% Entertainment); Multimedia Artist Annalaura di Luggo (Annydi Productions); Writer / Journalist/ Media Specialist Tommaso Cartia (Editor-in-Chief of Creative Pois-On); Business Innovation Strategist Daniela Pavan (Artistic & Business Director of Creative Pois-On); and Award-Winning Author David James Parr. 

The Initial Project:

Award-Winning Multimedia Artist Annalaura di Luggo has accepted the challenge to create the first Creative Voyagers project.
Annalaura has once again chosen the human eye as the center of her newest art installation, entitled “Collòculi”.

Annalaura Di Luggo

Because of the recent lockdown and social distancing imposed by the virus, humanity has suffered a great loss resulting from the isolation and lack of human contact. The artist has conceptualized an installation which will be composed of 2 interactive giant replicas of the human eye to be placed in 2 different locations around the world. The giant eyes will be constructed from recycled aluminum and will be connected to multimedia technology offering a multisensorial experience to the viewer when she or he steps in front of the giant pupil in their location…and, most incredibly, it will offer a virtual opportunity to interconnect with the other installation and the observer in the other part of the world.


Each installation will measure 3,50 meters (142 inches) in diameter.

Each iris will be constructed of recycled aluminum scraps with a central round monitor with multimedia contents placed in the pupils.  

Production is expected to commence spring 2021 in Italy and various other U.S. and European locations.

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