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Journalists Knead Dough at Ribalta

At the popular New York pizzeria, local press learns how to make pizza

If Ribalta pizzeria has become one of those places where you go to any day of the week and where you see some recognizable Italian faces, there’s a reason for that: they always manage to create new opportunities to involve the community, Italian but not only. This time they offered a pizza making lesson to young local journatists from New York Magazine, Businessweek, Gotham and others. Under the skillful guidance of chef and pizza-maker Pasquale Cozzolino, the participants were put to the task to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza (from scratch!). From kneading the dough to its leavening, to  stretching it out, which is an acrobatic feat, journalists watched as their creations entered the brick oven and came out fragrant and delicious.


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