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Italian Trade Commission and Eataly Join to Promote Eat, Shop, Learn Italian-style

Starting in January 2021, the joint project will educate the consumer on the excellence and authenticity that characterize Italian products and traditions

Eataly in New York City. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In January 2021, the worldwide joint project between ITA and Eataly under the umbrella  of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation goes into effect  with the purpose of bringing the Italian foods and wines to the next level. The campaign  focus will be on the unmistakable characteristics of the Italian products and, above all, on  their authenticity and singular traits that make them stand out. Eataly will highlight both  the products already available in store and new entries that will complement the richness,  diversity and quality that Eataly has been synonymous with for many years now. The  consumers will learn about Italian products by means of seminars and tastings held at  the Eataly stores. They will experience the bounty in the Eataly restaurants and, ultimately, purchase and bring home the fruits of their becoming more knowledgeable  about Italian foods and wines, cuisine, culture and centuries-old tradition. Needless to  say, all activities will be organized with the present health emergency in mind and with  respect to the strict official guidelines. The promotion will kick off in January and span over the entire year 2021. Information on  the campaign, products and activities will be forthcoming on Eataly’s website as well as  in the enticing Eataly Magazine issued at holiday time.


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