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Rosetta Bakery Brings the Italian Art of Baking to Miami Beach

The brand derives its name from the rose-shaped bread roll. Rosetta spreads a bit of Italian flavor to Miami Beach and is ready to expand elsewhere

Roll after roll Rosetta Bakery delivers the authentic Italian art of bakery to Miami. With seven locations in the Floridian city and one coming soon in New Jersey, the bakery was opened in 2015 with the intent to be an official ambassador of the Italian art of baking and also to export the concept of a typical Italian breakfast.

From sandwiches to pizza, focaccia, sweets and various pastry, Rosetta is all about the cult of healthy food, natural ingredients and to show the “behind the scene” of all these production’s processes. Exactly like the Italian ancient bakers used to do.

The brand derives its name from one of the most recognizable breads in Italy, ’Rosetta’, also known as ‘michetta’, a rose-shaped bread roll. Nowadays it is mostly used as a quick and authentic lunch break or afternoon break, filled with slices of uncured ham or other cold cuts.

“We opened Rosetta six years ago” says Tommaso Bulfon, from Udine in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and co-owner with a group of friends, “and at that time it was a unique concept for Miami and the United States. We are 100% faithful to the Italian tradition, every item on our menu is Italian inspired and all our chefs are Italian because we don’t want to compromise on the ingredients.”

Tommaso said that Rosetta was a success from the beginning also thanks to the location of the first store the was opened, on Collins Avenue, home to many historic Art Deco hotels and one block west from Ocean Avenue in South Beach. “Tourists” he explains, “were ditching an expensive breakfast at their hotels and choosing Rosetta”.

All Rosetta stores are unique also when it comes to the design and decor. The idea behind it is simple: a cozy and homey space where customers are able to choose foods directly from display, with a live menu made of fresh products constantly baked in the kitchen, interact on community tables and experience the entire production processes thanks to an open kitchen in view of the customer. “It’s like watching an unexpected show,” he continues, referring to the glass wall that separates the bakery from the kitchen.  “I would also like to add that the atmosphere is rural, cozy, definitely country-chic.”

The Rosetta hero.

Embracing Miami night life, recently Rosetta has also started to offer an addition to the bakery, a dinner experience with Pinsa romana, available with different toppings and wine.

A successful brand that now Tommaso and his friends are planning to export outside Miami. The first Rosetta store outside Florida is in fact opening in New Jersey, at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford. Next year the expansion will add another location in Manhattan and several stores will follow in other cities in the United States.


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