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On the Lighter Side: Giant Coconut Crab Splits Golf Club in Half with Pincers

Golfers on a course on Christmas Island in Australia wrestle with a giant crab to free their clubs from its grip amid gales of laughter

These days we look for a little humor anywhere we can find it so it’s not surprising that this video went viral.

We’re used to seeing all kinds of wildlife on golf courses. In the Northeast US we routinely see deer, squirrels, ducks, Canada geese and even foxes. In Florida it’s not unusual to have to step around the giant iguanas basking in the sun while trying to tee off.

Yet it still seems unbelievable that a crab could mangle, strangle and break a golf club into pieces, but that’s exactly what happened in Australia. The crab, known as a giant coconut crab, is also and more aptly in this case, called a robber crab. Wikipedia tell us that it’s “the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world, with a weight of up to 4.1 kg.”

They’re called coconut crabs because they can break open coconuts, and if you’ve ever tried to do that, you know how hard it is. But these babies have no trouble doing it, so you can imagine if a golf club is any match for those giant pincers. After latching on to three golf clubs, and amid a hail of laughter from the players trying to free their clubs from the crab’s death grip, they managed to salvage two of the clubs and let the crab enjoy noshing on the third. He earned it.



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