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An Inspiring Moment in Sports: “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

Even though it will cost him a gold medal, a runner still stops to help when he sees a fellow runner is about to collapse

Here’s an inspiring act of human solidarity that we witness once in a while, but sadly, not often enough.

This runner, in contention for a gold medal, didn’t hesitate when he saw a fellow Kenyan in trouble at the finish line. Simon Cheprot knew he was giving up any chance of winning this 10K race in Nigeria just yards from the end, but he still stopped to help the previous year’s winner, Kenneth Kipkemoi, as he staggered, rolled and crawled just to get his body over the finish line. The commentators know the deal: “Crossing the finish line, you can crawl, do whatever, but just cross,”  commending Kipkemoi’s spirit.  The video shows the moving scene of Cheprot lifting Kipkemoi and carrying him across the line. Cheprot didn’t win the race, but he was awarded $15,000 for his extraordinarily selfless act.

The commentators put it in the right perspective as they repeatedly said: “Oh this is lovely. This is what sports should be all about!”  But it’s not only about sports. As the 1970s Hollies song says, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.


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