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“Vetrina Italiana”: La Voce’s Online Insert Devoted to Italian Excellences in New York

In collaboration with Italy America Chamber of Commerce, Vetrina will give voice to Italian companies that wish to tell their own story and their mission

Vetrina Italiana.

Imagine an authentic Italian showcase that celebrates Made in Italy and Italian beauty, style, and taste. La Voce di New York, in collaboration with Italy America Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to present its “Vetrina Italiana”, an exclusive insert, online starting today, devoted to Italian outstanding companies that wish to tell their own story, their mission, the deep meaning of their brand, the people who have contributed to their success, and their stores located in New York or online.

In conformity with La Voce’s traditional commitment to telling its readers stories of Liberty and Beauty, major values of the US and Italy, “Vetrina Italiana” offers itself as a collector of valuable experiences that contribute to honoring the name of Italy around the world. It is an exclusive venue that will host Italian wonders, represented by a selection of companies that have a stake in New York and bear the unmistakable Italian quality throughout the City and beyond.

“Vetrina Italiana” is the big community of Made in Italy on display in New York City: An online guide book, both in English and Italian, directly linked to “La Voce”’s homepage. It will also tap into the many stories about Made in Italy and Italian excellences that “La Voce di New York” is committed to narrating every day. “Vetrina” aspires to become an authentic community of talents, and a landmark to discover the core of the outstanding Italian-ness in New York City. The place where Liberty meets Beauty.

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