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The “Sardines” announce New York gathering in newly-released statement

The Italian movement known as "Le Sardine" will be demonstrating on Sunday, November 24 at 3 PM in Washington Square Park in the West Village

by Le Sardine Atlantiche

The group organizing the "Le Sardine Atlantiche" demonstration at work in New York./Il gruppo organizzatore della manifestazione "Le sardine atlantiche" al lavoro a New York.  

We have received the following declaration from the "Sardine Atlantiche" ("Atlantic Sardines"):

 We are Italians: Italians abroad. Some of us have lived in New York for a few months, others for decades. We are students, artists, workers and professionals. We are of different ages and backgrounds but we hold common values: antifascism, nonviolence, inclusion and multiculturalism.
We look at the situation in both the United States and Italy with the same concerns. We reject every form of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and populism.
We stand in solidarity with the Sardines and share their manifesto, which has reached all the way to the other side of the ocean and inspired us to spontaneously unite.
“Dear populists: the party’s over.” We invite you to join us in Washington Square Park on Sunday, November 23 at 3:00 to engage in dialogue, share ideas, and bring politics back into the public square.
Le Sardine Atlantiche

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