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In the Name of his Father and with Trump’s Help: Andrew Giuliani’s Quest for NY

La Voce di New York interviews the son of the former Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani, who wants to become Governor of the Empire State

La Voce di New York spoke Wednesday with Gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Giuliani, a former White House official and the son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is intent on becoming New York’s next governor in 2022.

Mr. Giuliani answered questions on a varied number of topics, including his identity as an Italian American and his famous father, his opinion on getting vaccinated, the legitimacy of President Biden’s election, and his golfing partner, former President Donald Trump. He also spoke about his mother, Donna Hanover, a journalist. He was asked: would he accept to be interviewed by her?

Mr. Giuliani announced in May of this year that he will be running for the Republican primary in 2022. His criticisms against Governor Andrew Cuomo include the alleged charges of sexual harassment and the Covid-related nursing home scandals. Mr. Giuliani has also been a major critic of CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, regarding his unethical journalistic practices and the double standard on covering the governor.

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