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Guilty! Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted on Five out of Six Charges

After deliberating for a few days, the jurors have pronounced their decision in a Manhattan Federal Court

Ghislaine Maxwell - Ansa

Ghislaine Maxwell, former companion of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, was found guilty of conspiring with him for more than a decade of having recruited, groomed and sexually abused underage girls.

A Federal jury in Manhattan found Maxwell, 60, guilty of sexual trafficking and four other charges against her. She was absolved of the charge of transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of performing an illegal sexual  act. The verdict carries a possible sentence of 40 years, which for a woman of sixty, amounts to a virtual life sentence.

Epstein and Maxwell were  a powerful couple who over the years, socialized with high profile figures such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew, among others.

The seriousness of the charges against them, however, caused their influential friends–politicians, celebrities and prominent figures from the business world—to distance themselves, especially after a plea deal in 2008 that led Epstein to face a one-year prison sentence.

Having heard the jury’s verdict, Maxwell hastily exited the courtroom. She stood up, cast a glance at her two brothers and sisters, and left without speaking to her lawyers.

Translation by Grace Russo Bullaro


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