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“I Like Mike”: My Opinion on Why a Vote for Bloomberg Will Benefit the Country

Mayor extraordinaire, genuinely successful business man and humanitarian for all, Bloomberg is the only one who can go head-to-head with Trump and beat him

Michael Bloomberg. Illustration by Antonella Martino

I’ve always admired Bernie, based on his grit and gumption and ‘tell it like it is’ style, but sadly, I do not think that middle America agrees with me, as I am not sure they ‘get’ Bernie…Nothing would delight me more than to witness a debate between the informed and articulate Bloomberg and the fact-challenged and incoherent Trump. It would be a public slaying that would rival the slaughter in the Roman arenas.

Michael Bloomberg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

My intention for the New Year was to make a concerted effort to get back on track and report news pertaining to NYC real estate, locations, events and other noteworthy and timely topics. Yet I cannot in good conscience avoid the most prevalent and mind- consuming plague currently playing out on the world stage. I am of course referring to the need for the absolute and total elimination of Trump from office, and his eviction from the White House.

I have committed myself to the optimistic belief that we have a collective goal. But I’ve come to realize that moving forward as a nation will take much more than a candidate who proclaims ‘change’ from the horrors of the past three years. A group of likeable candidates are all pledging their high-minded interests of, and for, the people, along with a promise to take America back. My fears revolve around the damage that has already been done and in my heart, knowing that America will never be the same. Perhaps this might even be a good thing, as we thrive on change and without it, we would die slow and boring deaths.

I do not proclaim to be an expert on climate change, on health care, on racial walls that have divided this nation most profoundly during the Trump administration, but I do care passionately about the future of this country. Are there answers to the momentous issues that face us as a nation? I fear that there are none.

All this brings me to the one and only candidate left who in my humble opinion, can create change that could impact us communally in the most positive and profound way. And that, of course, is Michael Bloomberg, mayor extraordinaire, business man of the highest order, and humanitarian with goals for the good of all. He is a man who was blessed with a large and generous spirit. The money factor plays a huge and significant part in this equation as it is his (and potentially our) saving grace. Mike Bloomberg is not in the race for favors from big corporations, for barters with foreign powers, or for self- aggrandizing agendas. His money, in this unique situation, works to our combined advantage. He would not allow his administration to be beholden to any corporation, imperiling the welfare of the nation. I believe his three terms as Mayor is an excellent reference point.

Classic “I Like Ike” Slogan Has Inspired Me

For those doubters who will argue that his controversial action to change term limits was done merely to ensure another 4 years for himself as mayor, my response is that no one then or now, was more qualified or more successful at bringing the city to a peak than Bloomberg. Politicians are opportunists; that seems to be part of their DNA, as without the ability to promote themselves, they’d be sitting at a desk job or barking orders from a corporate platform, unrecognized by most. Few have had more positive results than Mike Bloomberg. Aside from the usual character traits associated with politicians, the ones who are most memorable are those who have also added humor to a difficult job. He excels in this as well. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to hear him speak, or to meet him personally you have noticed it.

One of the most prominent criticisms is the fact that he has at times switched sides, going from Republican to Independent, and eventually landing as Democrat. Let’s just call him a ‘Repindocrat’. In today’s political climate, this multi-faceted party identity can only add to his assurance of beating those bent on denigrating, destroying and demoralizing Democrats. They’d need an entirely new platform to blast, with little time to do so.

Under Bloomberg’s administration and during his terms as Mayor I witnessed, albeit on a small scale, the effect of his spirit through my Film Location division. He hosted an annual Barbecue at Gracie Mansion for the film community. The attendees ranged from some of Hollywood’s most respected names to the heads of state, including former mayors as well as dignitaries from abroad. For those fortunate enough to be on this guest list it was an opportunity for their platform to be heard while mingling on the lawn of Gracie Mansion. Perhaps a small step for the film community, but a leap for productive endeavors and his personal form of appreciation for those in this rarified group. A beautiful example of how powerful a ‘thank you’ can be. It should be noted that these events ended quite abruptly under De Blasio’s administration.

I have also had the privilege, in the past two years, of attending the Bloomberg Global Business Forum through my association with the Foreign Press. This extraordinary effort, which has coincided with the activities of the United Nations General Assembly, includes heads of states from around the world, all participating in an enlightening and interactive forum. The goal is to strengthen global trade and economic alliances.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden. Illustration by Antonella Martino

Mike Bloomberg is a fearless leader, and although there are still those whining about his ‘stop and frisk’ policy, it was one of the very few negative aspects of his long and impressive career. And the only subject debated by the small minds who have come up with little else to criticize. His ability to turn this unfortunate decision into a topic to address, years later, proves his willingness to admit to a mistake, and to own it.

We have no time or patience to begin to enumerate the number of crimes and misdemeanors of the current administration under Donald Trump. I believe however, that Bloomberg is the one and only candidate who has the potential of mincing and dicing Donald Trump and publicly calling him out on these past three years of outrageous and grossly inaccurate promises and outlandish behavior.  Nothing would delight me more than to witness a Bloomberg-Trump debate. For starters, I do not believe that any of the numerous current candidates have a better handle on ‘Donald Trump the Real Estate Developer’ than Michael Bloomberg. Trump’s reputation in the world of NYC real estate, was and is, similar to his reputation as leader of the free world. He is detested for his chicanery, arrogance and general crassness. Need I say more?

Such a debate between the informed and articulate Bloomberg and the fact-challenged and incoherent Trump would be a public slaying for the world to witness, and one that would go down in history, reminiscent of the bloody slaughters in the Roman arenas. Such an eventuality that might result in a Bloomberg victory, could potentially return us to a country that has the respect and admiration of the world.

And finally, the cast of Democratic candidates is weak; and though some may stand out more than others based on experience and years in public service, there is not one shining star.

I’ve always admired Bernie, based on his grit and gumption and ‘tell it like it is’ style, but sadly, I do not think that middle America agrees with me, as I am not sure they ‘get’ Bernie. In a recent article in the NY Times, Michelle Goldberg ends her article by saying, “the better she (Warren) does next month, the more hope there is that Democrats will be able to fight Trump rather than one another”. My personal wish is that Michael Bloomberg gets to bat. Amen.


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