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Trump Seeks Chaos to Convince the Public that his “Fascism” is Preferable to “Anarchy”

He’s provoking protesters with paramilitary forces sent out against the will of local authorities, as in Portland and soon in Chicago, to stay in the White House

Trump-Mussolini (by Antonio Giambanco for VNY)

In Italiano

Donald Trump talks and tweets like a Fascist and in the end plans and acts like a Fascist. Almost four years ago, when he was inaugurated as president, we still had doubts about him being a Fascist, after listening to his Mussolini-toned speech. Today, that doubt has dissolved: Trump put his words into action.

We are convinced that Trump — by now aware that if an election were to be held today, he’d lose by an overwhelming margin to Joe Biden – is searching for public provocation to create the conditions necessary for a state of emergency. In a country split due to all of the violence taking place, in the end keeping him in office would be preferable, conceding to his unconstitutional authoritarianism — anything to avoid the absolute evil of “anarchy” in the United States of America.

To me it seems crystal clear: Trump wants — and is seeking – chaos, dividing the country in a permanent clash, in such a manner that it is he who would be in the ideal condition to react, even before November, when the electoral defeat would be foregone in the name of reestablishing “law and order”; perhaps also postponing or cancelling the election. It would mean the end of the USA as a country with rights, and just like that, the death of American democracy. Does it all seem so unlikely to you?

For several weeks, federal agents belonging to special forces that should be controlling and protecting the border, are being sent instead to the city of Portland (Oregon) to “protect” federal buildings that were put in danger by protesters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. But many witnesses are stating that instead of limiting themselves to protecting these federal buildings against any possible attacks,  men in camouflage and without any badges and driving unmarked vans, are threatening people to the point of making protesters disappear from the streets of Portland. Out-and-out abductions, trampling on the First Amendment of the US Constitution.


Trump’s tweet in which he complains about the disorder in Portland and in other Democratic cities, threatening to intervene with federal troops against anarchy.

These armed and masked men sent in by the federal government are further fanning the tensions that already exist in the city, instead of offering more security. By now, it really seems that this is their true mission. It’s not only the “BLM” demonstrators that are protesting their presence (in all effects soldiers in combat gear): even the local authorities, such as Portland’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler and the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, have rejected their presence, challenging its legality.

An Instagram post where Trump’s authoritative action is commented sarcastically: “China is a totalitarian state, America is the freest country in the world. Now get into the fucking van”

These Border Patrol agents don’t wear their uniforms, but instead act like “phantom soldiers”, and they remind us exactly of those military soldiers sent by Vladimir Putin to Crimea to snatch it from the Ukraine. In fact, they weren’t wearing any recognizable uniform that might have been attributed to any specific army that could have put Russia in a difficult situation  vis à vis international law or  the United Nations.

At the end of June, Trump signed an executive order for the deployment of special forces to defend statues, monuments and other federal property. These special forces arrived in Portland, but instead of protecting monuments, it seems that their main task was to intimidate protesters to the point of terrorizing them. Videos from Portland started circulating regarding the actions of these “soldiers” — actual abductions — with agents stopping demonstrators and throwing them into vans, perhaps releasing them a few hours later, without issuing any specific, formal charges made against them to justify the arrest.

The acts of violence against demonstrators are increasing with each day that passes. The situation has deteriorated to the point where a group organized by mothers of the demonstrators, to protest the actions of these “special agents”, lined up in front of the agents almost as if to “protect” their children that were protesting, and they too were thrown in vans and dispersed with tear gas. Now, as accusations against Trump are rising regarding his use of authoritative and unconstitutional systems against the right of Americans to demonstrate, the Duce-like president shot back. During an interview on July 20th, he threatened to send “more federal agents” to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit – all cities governed by democrats.

On Wednesday, words turned into action in the White House. With his loyal accomplice Attorney General William Barr by his side, Trump announced that  he will send federal agents to Chicago and to other cities to counteract the “out of control” crime rate. The operation in Chicago would be different from the one in Portland: the secret federal agents aren’t going there to “protect monuments”, but to combat crime rates that are out of control. The problem is that the United States is not Italy, where the Ministry of Defense has military police in the cities to offer assistance to the state police. This does not depend on the mayor, but on the Ministry of the Interior.

Here in the USA, federal agents are not deployed throughout the various cities; this occurs only with a formal request coming from the local authorities in exceptional cases, or those in which the Constitutional order has been violated and must be restored. But in this case, it is Trump who is violating the Constitution! First, he sends federal agents to Portland to beat and abduct demonstrators, now he’s sending other agents to Chicago under this direct command, without having received any request from its mayor or governor.

Donald Trump (by Antonio Giambanco/VNY).

Why does Trump do all these things so blatantly and without any more control?

To me it seems crystal clear: Trump has understood that he has been a total failure with regard to the Coronavirus. Even he now believes that things will get worse on that front until November, and that will certainly not help him get  reelected.  But instead he’s flexing his muscles on “law and order” for the “freedom” of cities assaulted by “anarchists” and “criminals” left to freely circulate by these democratic governments. He has found the perfect narrative to relaunch his political campaign to regain consensus.

And what if in the end Trump loses anyway in November despite all this because Biden is too far in the lead? He’d have everything ready: he will have already conducted a dress rehearsal to be the only person capable of ensuring “law and order” in America’s cities to combat the chaos that would be created after his obvious refusal to accept election results due to the “fraud committed by Democrats”…

P.S: One of our readers informed us about a video that we’re posting here below. It is a video of a nude demonstrator challenging the “federal soldiers” in Portland sent by Trump: Does it remind you of something that happened in China?


Translation by Emmelina De Feo

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