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Above the Law: Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2020 to Stay Out of Jail?

In Washington D.C. politics, rules aren’t very different from the game of “Monopoly” and for Trump being President is his “get out of jail card”

by Marc Bullaro

There have been debates and discussions galore as to whether a sitting president can be indicted, and the prevailing view is that he can’t. The axiom “No one is above the law” is nothing more than Pollyannish optimism. We would all like to believe that to be true, but it’s not. Unfortunately, it’s only a cliché. And if you’re not convinced of this, examine the preferential treatment towards Jeffrey Epstein in his 2005 Palm Beach, Florida case regarding the sexual abuse and rape of young girls.

Is Ghislane Maxwell above the law? Maxwell, currently in federal custody, is accused of committing child sex crimes in connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Her cooperation with prosecutors could mean the end for dozens of rich and powerful men. On two occasions Donald Trump has stated, “I wish her well”.  Are his words code for “remain quiet and you will be pardoned”? We shall see.

Pres. Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr. Photo: Wikimedia. Commons

In addition, although foreign diplomats in the U.S. are obligated to follow the law in theory, the reality is that they are above the law and cannot be prosecuted in America for criminal acts without the revocation of their diplomatic immunity and consent of their home country.

As a youngster, I remember playing the board game “Monopoly” and using the race car, top hat or battleship to navigate the board. Today the pieces used to maneuver in Trump’s game of “Monopoly” are the sharpie, the bible and a golf cart driven by Pinocchio.

I remember wanting to own property like Boardwalk, Park Place and New York Avenue and hoping to get the coveted “Get Out of Jail, Free” card when landing on “Chance” or “Community Chest”.

The bottom of the card read, “This Card May Be Kept Until Needed or Sold”. Ironically, the “Monopoly” game rules are not much different than those of D.C. politics, and currently Trump holds that card. Today it reads, ”A Sitting President Cannot Be Indicted Or Charged”.

Deutsche Bank. Photo: Flickr

In my firm opinion, for Trump this election is not about America, it’s about avoiding criminal indictments and jail. A second term is incidental. Being President protects him from past crimes and allows him to continue to commit more crimes with impunity.

If Trump wasn’t President the FBI would be conducting a RICO investigation against him. RICO is the acronym for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (Act – 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961-1968). Its intent was to combat organized crime and ongoing criminal organizations. Indeed we recently learned that the investigation into his business-related activities are much extensive than previously thought.

Trump looks at the Constitution like a cheetah looks at a gazelle. He has already violated the law and his presidential oath, which resulted in an impeachment, although not a removal from office. Four more years of presidential immunity is the prize in this election. However, after leaving office a former president may have to answer for acts committed while serving as the Commander-In-Chief. A Trump loss in November is akin to landing on the Monopoly board “Go to Jail” space.


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