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GEN Z Comes to the Rescue: Bury Trump and Trumpism with an Avalanche of Votes

Young people and women can dispel once and for all the Trumpist nightmare that endangers democracy and its values, and not only in America

Young people of GenZ in New York during the BLM protests. (Photo by Terry W. Sanders)

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Today, we finally reach the culmination of the electoral process of the most formidable democracy in the world. Democracies need votes like lungs need oxygen: if they don’t materialize, the whole society they rule dies with them. Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, who for months has been doing everything possible to stop American votes from being cast or counted–especially in key states for these elections, such as Pennsylvania–would like this more than anyone.

In almost 250 years of history, never has a president of the United States had the anti-democratic audacity of Trump, to demand that the president choose the votes and not vice versa.

The worst Commander in Chief in US history tries it anyway, threatening on twitter that if you don’t do as he wants in the rules of counting the votes (remember as children when in summer camp there was always one who disregarded the rules during the game, and said: either you play my way or nobody plays?) “there will be violence on the streets.”

Donald Trump (by Antonio Giambanco/VNY).

But can you believe that? In the United States, a president who knows very well that if he allows the count of all the American votes he will lose and badly, is trying to block democracy. As Joe Biden replied to those who asked him what he thought of Trump’s attempts to stop the vote count, “we will not allow the president to steal this election.” Yeah, I really hope America won’t commit suicide on November 3rd, 2020 by assassinating its democracy to save Donald Trump’s seat!

But given that Trump has now shown without any restraint that he is capable of disregarding any scruple for the preservation of democracy, today the Americans will not only have to make Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win, they must make them win big.

Joe Biden. Illustration by Antonella Martino

Yes, even Trump’s supporters, the ones he bluntly described 4 years ago, when he said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?,” need to witness the biggest avalanche of votes against him that ever submerged an incumbent president in the US. They have to wake up on November 4th to this “landslide”, not just in Pennsylvania, Florida, or Michigan, but even in Texas and Arizona, a jolt that can get them out of the diabolical spell in which Trump has frozen them with those hateful messages, racism, and violence. Trump dreams of making America “Great Again” which is just a “code” that translates to meaning a return to the tragic past of supremacism where the white male becomes the master of everything again and decrees as he wishes.

To understand tonight if this avalanche of votes to bury Trump and Trumpism once and for all will be realized, just look at a precise figure: the vote of the twenty-year-olds belonging to the wonderful “GEN Z,” the generation born between 1997-2005, especially the boys, who express their right to vote for the first time. If the percentage of participants in the vote of 20-year-olds aged 18 to 29 (but above all, 18-22) will beat all previous records, including the one exceeded for the elections of Barack Obama in 2008 (and which in fact Hillary Clinton could not match), entry to the White House of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be assured.

The anti-Trump march of women and GEN Z in New York in 2019 (Photo VNY)

The vote of the very young, which the data say is beating all previous records already in the early voting, combined with that of women, some minorities, and many elderly, even republicans who, disgusted by Trump after voting for him in 2016, have decided to become a “swing voter,” will overwhelm once and for all the vote of the hard-core Trumpists. These white males still mostly vote for the “planetary male chauvinist”, as the authoritative journalist and essayist Tiziana Ferrario has rightly identified Trump to be.

Do you remember when Zorro slashed a “Z” on the villain’s backside? Well, I hope that the Z of the #GENZ vote will remain imprinted on Trump in these US elections!

GEN Z and American women  come to the rescue to save us all against Trump and Trumpism! Tonight, we wait to see the numbers of their participation,  and if it is as expected, then from Texas to Michigan, from Ohio to Pennsylvania to Florida, this mass of voters will resurrect America stronger than before, bringing the United States together in its democratic values endangered by Trump.

Translation by Alessandra Loiero

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