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National Italian American Summit Meeting: Where all Italian Americans Feel at Home

Over 350 organizations participated in the online event, representing almost all the states of the USA and bringing forward the Italian spirit

It was the largest meeting of Italian American organizations in the history of the United States. The National Italian American Summit Meeting, this year organized exceptionally online, involved 354 organizations, marking an unexpected record. Almost all the states of the USA have been represented, a sign that Italian-ness is an extended value throughout the nation.

Sponsored by Italian Sons and Daughters of America, ISDA, National Italian American Foundation, NIAF, National Organization of Italian American Women, NOIAW, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America, OSIA, and UNICO National, the event aimed at discussing the issues that impact Italian Americans, the problems related to the pandemic, and the connection between old and new generations, who will have the responsibility to manage the challenges of the future. There are three main questions that the speakers have been asked to answer: “how do we fix a fragmented Italian America?”, “how do we reconnect with our younger generations?” and “do we move forward in our fight to save Columbus?”.

President Basil M. Russo, Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations (youtube)

The meeting also served to communicate the creation of a new website (, where Italian Americans living in the United States can identify themselves as such, as well as new committees useful for the definition of a national policy to be carried out all together. This is because The Italian Americans, who always want to remain linked at their origins, have understood that mutual aid among the various associations is the basis for carrying forward those foundational values that everyone shares. The success of the organizations helps to ensure that the Italian-American heritage is preserved, creating a significant impact on the formation of the constantly evolving culture.

The site, which can be accessed by organizations that want to join the project, and also by individuals, is managed by the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations, which is fully dedicated to promoting initiatives that can enhance the image of Italian Americans and that know how to promote the spirit of Italian civilization in America.

The organizations will meet in a few months to see what progress has been made and to plan the way forward.

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