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Non-Compromised Pendulum: the Book on Legendary Boxing Coach Cus D’Amato

The world's first book about Cus D'Amato's System by Oleg Maltsev and Tom Patti

by Kanykei Tursunbaeva

The legendary Cus D'Amato (January 17, 1908 New York – November 4, 1985, New York) (Courtesy of Steve Lott, BHOF Las Vegas)

"No matter what anyone says, no matter the excuse or explanation, whatever a person does in the end is what he intended to do all along.” Cus D’Amato

On August 29, 2018, the English version of Non-Compromised Pendulum came to light – landmark event for the world of boxing. The book comprehensively describes the system of the legendary coach – Cus D’Amato. It should serve as a reminder that D’Amato brought science to sweet science and forged three world champions – Jose Torres Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson. Symbolically, authors of the book are Cus D’Amato’s mentee, Tom Patti  (US elected official), and PhD Oleg Maltsev (Ukrainian scientist, member of American Psychological Association).

Secretive though these training methods were to the outside world, I feel it is now important to give back to the sweet science of fighting. An everlasting gift of knowledge provided to you all through me, from Cus D’Amato” (Tom Patti)

Non-Compromised Pendulum  is a reference piece about Cus D’Amato’s system, it looks at the system from different sides, and there are some sides that we don’t see. If we suppose the book to be a sphere that we can turn to different sides, there are many details inside of the sphere that remain an enigma to us. This book deals with the psychological and philosophical approach of D’Amato, together with a comprehensive description of technical elements by Tom Patti. Cus D’Amato’s system sparks interest in the world of martial arts, but to assemble it into one single system turned out to be an uneasy task.

“It is not possible to convey Cus’ methodology in the frameworks of a single book; I think that an encyclopedia with several volumes would be required. I will probably write several more books to assemble materials I have gathered in 20 years and materials of mutual work done with people in the US, who knew Cus well and worked with him for many years.” (PhD Oleg Maltsev)

It’s necessary to be pointed out that there were several noteworthy books written about D’Amato in the last decade (Confusing the Enemy – Dr. Scott Weiss, Iron Ambition Larry Sloman, Mike Tyson). However, until today there was no book that would explain step by step approach of Cus and his methodology of how to nurture world champions in and out of the ring.

Authors of Non-compromised Pendulum  Tom Patti and Oleg Maltsev.

After our mutual work in NY with Tom Patti and Dr. Scott Weiss, I have made a list of chapter titles, that seemed to represent Cus’ system as precisely as possible, and coordinated that list with Tom. The book is about a man whose triumph is absolute, and requires no unnecessary comment and third-party consent” (PhD Oleg Maltsev)

“ It is my complete pleasure and thrill to share this important information with Oleg Maltsev – a master, student and teacher of everything related to combat and the advanced skills of dominance which is what fighting is all about. As this relates to boxing, Cus would say “The object of boxing is to hit and not get hit but to do it in a manner that excites the crowd, nobody wants to pay to watch a boring fighter, we must excite the crowd!” (Tom Patti)

Mutual work in NY (Ukrainian scientist Phd Oleg Maltsev, Tom Patti – Cus D’Amato’s mentee)

As Gene Kilroy, manager of Muhammed Ali, made a crystal-clear note in a talk with Oleg Maltsev: “Cus was a God given present to a boxing world”, authors truly believe that Cus was one and only – a man who was an embodiment of true wisdom, inhumane discipline, and unstoppable thirst for achievements in and out of the ring. This book will preserve his legacy, and hopefully will be a light to persist and strive for the best for many people. Despite the fact the foundation of the book is based on scientific research, the book itself is written in a language that will be understandable to specialists in the world of boxing and for the public in general.  Great news for ones who revere the genius of Cus D’Amato: the book was released in the frameworks of a non-commercial project, patron of which is PhD Oleg Maltsev and the book is already in the public domain available in several languages.

In the memory of Cus

Founder and CEO of Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas, Steve Lott:

“Mesmerizing! A book that transcends sports. A fascinating journey that takes the reader from the physical to the metaphysical – and beyond.”

The President of the National Professional Boxing League of Ukraine, Mikhail Zavyalov:

“I read the book in one go! It is a masterpiece! The best book about boxing I have ever read. This wonderful work has become my desktop companion. I’ll start thoroughly looking into every chapter! Thank you!”

Non-compromised pendulum

Professor of philosophy at St.Olaf college, coach and boxing writer at Wall Street Journal, Gordon Marino:

“Hall of Fame boxing trainer, Cus D’amato, was both the Freud and Socrates of Boxing. He had a unique method of training his fighters, many of them champions, that encompassed both lessons in philosophy and psychology. The NON-COMPROMISED PENDULUM is the most lucid and comprehensive presentations of Cus’ methods available. As a boxing trainer, I especially savored the last chapter which presents a clear step by step breakdown of Cus’ approach to  being a coach and mentor to people with boxing ambitions, or for that matter those whose only interest is in mastering the noble art of self-defense.”

Boxing Author and Founder of Boxing News and Views, Niall Doran:

“After reading chapter seven of the book about Cus’ philosophy and psychology it got me thinking about something he said one time:

‘The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.’ We all want to be the hero of our own movies (our own lives) but ultimately, it’s the choices we make and actions we take that decide that. It’s never too late though, that’s the bright light I believe in the philosophy of Cus. An excellent chapter. Best of luck on this book.”

Cover of the book



The book is not a commercial project; it is published for free.
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