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My Friend Natale Mondo, the Sicilian Cop Killed Twice But Not Only by the Mafia

On January 14th 1988, the police officer of the investigative unite in Palermo was shot dead. However, Natale was already dead since August 6th 1985

Natale Mondo Palermo 1952-1988

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the violent death of Natale Mondo, police officer of the investigative unit of the Flying Squad (Squadra Mobile), in Palermo, led by Ninni Cassarà, a Deputy Chief of Police.

On January 14th 1988, Natale was shot dead in front of his wife Rosalia’s toystore. However, Natale was already dead since August 6th 1985, when in Croce Rossa street in Palermo, Ninni Cassarà and Roberto Antiochia were killed.

Natale Mondo survived because he took cover behind the service car, by which the three men had arrived to Ninni’s apartment building. Immediately an ambush on Cassarà, Natale Mondo was considered the mole who provided information to Cassarà and Antiochia’s Killers. That was why Cosa Nostra would have spare Natale’s life, that is what the bastards in charge said.

Terribly false. It was not true! Natale and Ninni were bound by brotherly love. In Croce Rossa street, Natale got killed in his soul and in his mind. I was not in Palermo anymore, we met a few months before, when Natale and I went to Ninni’s home. After that, Natale was also arrested, for drug problems.

Both the accusations of being a “traitor” and being involved with drugs were unfounded. Natale was cleared. Immediately after the arrest of Natale, I asked to my old office to be called by prosecutor Domenico Signorino, who lead the investigation, but I was never called.

I would have witnessed about Natale’s honesty and fidelity to Cassarà and I would have clarified about the relationship between Natale and someone, who I know personally, of Arenella, a quarter of Palermo. Although he was under house arrest, I moved to Palermo to visit Natale. During that visit, I showed him my complete and unquestioning trust. That day Natale cried a lot.

Those tears of truth struck me, creating in me a lot of pain: Natale and I were bound together by an intense and honest friendship. Many years after, dear Natale, I have strong doubts that the false accusation of mole was created by men of Cosa Nostra. Like the other false accusation , according to which the reason of the killing of our collegue Lillo Zucchetto was affair of “fimmini” (women). I have strong doubts about a lot of things, the more time passes the more doubts grow. My dear friend, what can I say? You are always in my heart, dear Natale.

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