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Lou Del Bianco on the Traces of His Grandfather, Mount Rushmore’s Sculptor

Vito De Simone interviews the writer and actor Lou Del Bianco, author of: "Out of Rushmore’s Shadow. The Luigi Del Bianco Story" (2018)

Out of Rushmore cover

Lou Del Bianco, grandson of stone-carver Luigi Del Bianco, after 25 years of struggles convinces the authorities that it was his grandfather who carved the fine features of the four American Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, of the now famous bas-relief sculptures carved directly on Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota.

Vito De Simone interviews for Public Access Television Corporation the writer Lou Del Bianco, author of: Out of Rushmore’s Shadow. The Luigi Del Bianco Story (2018), who tells about us the struggles and the tribulations he had to endure to obtain at least an official recognition for his grandfather’s contribution he made in the gigantic bas-relief sculptures captured on Mount Rushmore National Monument, which the whole world can appreciate and enjoy. The grandson tells us that he had to produce 25 books of primary evidence so that his grandfather could finally be officially recognized for his extraordinary work. The author, in addition to being a fiction and non-fiction writer, is also an accomplished theater actor.

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