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Celebrating April 25th with Our Video Story About NY, La Voce and Liberty

The artist-director Luca Baù gave us a gift that we want to share with all of our readers around the world on the day in which as Italians, we celebrate Liberation

In Italiano

This April 25th , we received a beautiful gift from an artist-director with a passion for New York. It’s a video that tells the story of this beautiful and unique city through La Voce di New York’s story, and at the end talks about me and the newspaper by way of New York. A fantastic birthday gift for La Voce that I founded seven years ago with the help of fearless friends and collaborators.

What can I say? In these difficult days, in which COVID-19 has changed our lives, at times devastating them with depression, suffering and even death, we at La Voce had the good fortune today to savor a moment of happiness with this hymn to freedom. A marvelous gift that I share with all of my great collaborators that love La Voce di New York and without whom it would not exist. And we share it with all of you fond readers of La Voce who always inspire us with your high expectations and whom we never take for granted, as well as with all of the Italians in the homeland and around the world that today are celebrating April 25th and the value of freedom — a value that is also the foundation of the free press.

Thank you again to the very generous director and videographer, Luca Baù, for this beautiful gift. Vocisti around the world, share it – liberty is contagious…

Now, dear readers, after having enjoyed this video, I urge you to support La VOCE di New York: only with your help can this paper continue to live freely and independently.

How can you keep the newspaper that you founded seven years ago independent and credible? How can this be done without compromising and without accepting funds from those that then ask you to return a favor? How do you keep a daily paper going in two languages without ever having taken even one dollar in public and government assistance, neither from Rome nor from Washington DC? How can a newspaper that reached a single monthly readership of 438 thousand last month — of which 60% are located in the US –continue to thrive without even a minimum amount of adequate resources?

The honest and transparent response is only one: it cannot be done. Or rather, it has been done miraculously up until now, but only thanks to enormous personal sacrifices and to the voluntary help of such great and generous collaborators in New York, and from all over, across the ocean, all the way to my Sicily. But we cannot continue to publish La Voce di New York the way it currently is, free and independent, without the support of its readers.

But we cannot continue to publish La Voce di New York the way it currently is, free and independent, without the support of its readers. Yes, you, our readers, are the only ones that can really preserve the values of independence and freedom of La Voce di New York, by contributing to the health and vigor of this credible source of information for Italians and lovers of Italy in America and around the world.

Would you like to continue to have a free and independent, and therefore, authoritative voice? Help Us. April 25th, the day on which Italy celebrates its Liberation from Nazi-Fascism, is also the anniversary of La Voce, born right on that day. If you still believe in the value of freedom, that which is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, and regained by Italians on April 25th 1945  with the aid of Americans, then go to the newspaper that was founded based on this principle and contribute what you can. All you have to do is click to open an article and you’ll find Lady Liberty herself at your side, not giving up, now more than ever. She too with a mask, but never with a gag!

Translated by Emmelina De Feo


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