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MyEduClub: the New Digital Platform that Wants to Relaunch Student Tourism to Italy

It is the first platform to offer exclusive and customized products and services for the study abroad sector, dedicated to students, including coverage for Covid-19

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MyEduClub is the name of the new US digital platform just launched by the Giuseppe Pezzano LLC Group, which founded Platform3000 and Edu Assistance, and was the principal financial backer of the EduItalia Association. The goal? To relaunch the study abroad sector, which has been suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the strategic sector for the Group, student tourism during 2018-2019 saw about 39,043 American students (the reference market for MyEduClub) choose Italy as their destination.

The new platform will push on virtual, user-friendly and contactless services. In addition, MyEduClub will guarantee the presence on-site of a team of professionals that will provide customer care to assist students, schools and programs in Italy.

“We know that educational institutions spend a very large amount of time organizing services for students. We want to offer support to our partners, allowing them to save on time and resources. Our goal is to study, research, negotiate and create partnerships with local businesses to offer a fully customized experience,” states owner Giuseppe Pezzano.

MyEduClub is the first platform to offer exclusive and customized products and services for the study abroad sector, dedicated exclusively to students, including medical coverage for Covid-19. Students will be able to access various solutions online to fit their needs: Permit to Stay, medical insurance, and also options on how to spend their free time — for example, train tickets, sporting events, tours and food. The plus? Rates will be discounted and tailored ad hoc for Edu “club” members.

Furthermore, MyEduClub boasts a special partnership with Ergo Assicurazioni, a company which is operative throughout Europe, to offer those students who decide to study abroad in Italy an insurance policy which will also include coverage for COVID-19.

The Group, led by Giuseppe Pezzano, – an Italian transplanted to Seattle – has also announced that plans for a new study abroad association in the USA is in the works, comprised of entrepreneurs and other organizations to promote student tourism to Italy and assist students in this path: “The goal is the same: we want to promote student tourism to Italy and offer support to this sector on a global level.”

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