AdDRESSing Style: Book Presentation of “La Stoffa dell’Italia”(Emanuela Scarpellini)

On the occasion of the publication of:

La stoffa dell’Italia:
Storia e cultura della moda dal 1945 a oggi
(2017, Laterza)

by Emanuela Scarpellini

The author in conversation with Grazia d’Annunzio (US Special Projects Editor, Vogue Italia) and Eugenia Paulicelli(CUNY).

In the course of the 20th century, Italy was able to become the worldwide point of reference for fashion, in spite of the historical dominance of Paris and London.
This book traces the history of this success that contributed to the spreading of a new and positive identity of Italy on the international stage.
In order to understand the peculiarity of the “Italian model” it is necessary to take a look not only at the aspects of artisanal and industrial production or at the evolution of styles, but it is important to consider the economical and cultural changes the radically transformed the country in a matter of decades: from the economic miracle to the youth and political revolution, to the consumerism of the Eighties to the globalization and environmentalism of the early 2000s up to the difficult scenarios of today.
Written with a brilliant style, rich in references to cinema, literature, art and media, these pages offer – for the first time – a total view over a phenomenon that deeply marked recent Italian history. It is the volume that was missing about Italian fashion.


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