Adventures in Italian Opera with Fred Plotkin: A Conversation with Joseph Calleja

Adventures in Italian Opera with Fred Plotkin, our most popular series, is back and you can mark your calendars with all the dates you see in the sidebar of this E-mail.

I look forward to greeting you on the occasion of the first Adventure of this academic year, on October 17, in the company of the Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja, who is currently performing the role of Pollione in Norma at the Met. I was blown away by his singing and I recommend you try to catch one of the upcoming performances.

Joseph Calleja, from Malta, is one of the world’s leading tenors. He sings Pollione in the Met’s new opening night production of Norma and will appear in the role through December. Calleja sings all the major roles of the Italian tenor repertoire in all the top theaters of the world.


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