Book Presentation and Performance: “Vivo per questo” Tour with Amir Issaa

Rapper Amir Issaa in conversation with Merry C. White.

Followed by a performance.

Amir is one of the top experts of Italian hip hop culture and brings to the stage his own interesting story, published in his latest book Vivo per questo. With courage, Amir has always written, sung and told tales about contemporary topics such as racism, prejudice, stereotypes, Ius Soli, migrants, metropoles and new languages.
“The surprise was finding out that I had already seen New York and that I was constantly finding myself in déjà vus. While I had been one of the first to listen to rap music back in TorPignattara, here I heard it coming out of every window. While I had listened to that music in my headphones when I was a kid, walking down suburban streets without a way out, now that same music had brought me here, to the center of the world. Home. For better or for worse, what I had built I had built with my own hands. My passion had given me wings and I had flown far away.”
– Excerpt from “Vivo per questo”
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24 West 12th Street New York, NY 10011

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