Center for Italian Studies: presentation by a delegation of Italian Government Officials

The Honorable Dario Franceschini, Italian Minister of Culture and Tourism will head a delegation of important representatives of two different Italian government institutions who will each speak in the Center for Italian Studies on issues of high concern today.

The Hon. Stefano Dambruoso, Questore and Deputy of Italian Parliament and former National Prosecutor, in his talk on the topic: Public Safety in Europe: How to Face the New Challenges of Terrorism and Immigration will examine the growing threat of terrorism and the phenomenon of immigration, with emphasis on the potentially serious implications of poor management and ineffective immigration policies for both public safety and prevention.

The Honorable Michela Di Biase, Member of Rome’s City Council, will speak on the topic: New Perspectives for a Capital of the Arts and the Economic Rebirth of Italy through Effective Tourism and Public Safety Policies. This presentation addresses the fulfillment of the City of Rome’s great potential, which unfortunately has been insufficiently realized because of an Administration that fails to invest effectively in tourism and safety. Rome must be returned to its role as the true capital of Italy, not only for its beauty and its history, but also, and above all, to take advantage of its attractiveness, and to make it the future driving force for the economy of the entire country. To this end, one of the first objectives should be to restore the perception of public safety for visitors to the city, and to restore the urban decorum that has always been the best calling card of a world capital.

A reception will follow this program providing further opportunity to interact with these officials and continue discussion on the topics and themes raised in their presentations. A special feature of this reception will be A Tasting of Italian Products, arranged by Francesco D’Ausilio, as part of and in conjunction with the program he organized as a Center event on Italian food history and culture.

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