Cinema Rediscovered: Sangue Bleu by Nino Oxilia

Join us and travel back in time for an evening of film and music as we present a masterpiece of silent Italian cinema newly restored by the Cineteca di Bologna in Italy. As in the 1920s you will enjoy the screening of Sangue Bleu while Daniele Furlati, pianist in residence at the Cineteca di Bologna, will accompany the movie with a live piano score.

A prime example of the diva genre, Sangue Bleu (literally, Blue Blood) is set in the worlds of the aristocracy and the haute bourgeoisie more than 100 years ago. Starring famous Italian actress Francesca Bertini, the film recounts the story of the Princess of Monte Cabello, a rich and noble woman who, after her divorce, loses both the custody of her child and her livelihood, and she is forced to work in a cabaret.

The film explores subjects such as nobility, class difference, and women’s place in society in Europe before World War I, but it also shows how emotional and social impasse can be overcome by motherhood as a universal value to thrust women forward.


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Director: Nino Oxilia
Italy, 1914
Celio Film, 63’

Live music by Daniele Furlati

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