Concert: In the Musical Wonderland of Alessandra Salerno

A solo performance by Alessandra Salerno. From Sicily, “My beautiful cursed cradle,” to America.

The artist from Palermo was the guest of Honor at this year’s NIAF annual gala. She is a young voice who fits between the past and the future. Considered the spiritual winner of “The Voice of Italy 2015,” Salerno’s music is enchanting. As the original interpreter of Rosa Balistrieri, she has a repertoire that includes various genres. She also has a production under her own name. And surprise–she also plays the autoharp: “I began to study it after falling in love with June Carter and Johnny Cash.”

“Alessandra is able to create a world from which I would never leave. When I hear a voice like hers, I want to stay in that world and remain in silence for a minute after I leave it…” (Robi Facchinetti – Pooh)

Followed by a Q&A with Stefano Albertini (NYU) and Letizia Airos (Editor in Chief of i-Italy Network).


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Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò NYU
24 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011

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