Festival of fresh German films to downtown New York. Now in its fourth year as an independent festival, the program was curated by New York film professionals – distributor Meghan Wurtz, journalist Karl Rozemeyer and festival consultant Marian Masone – who have selected a wide cross-section of high-quality, remarkable films. KINO!2017 will showcase twelve feature-length films: one North American premiere, five US premieres, four East coast premieres and two New York premieres, plus the  Next Generation Short Tiger  2016 line-up.  There will be many guests from Germany who will attend the screenings and engage with the audience. KINO!2017 kicks off with the US premiere of the colorful biopic  Paula,  with lead actress Carla Juri as our special guest on March 31. Marian Masone will moderate a post-screening conversation.


24 Weeks (24 Wochen), Anne Zohra Berrached, 102 min., East Coast Premiere

Sunday, April 2, 8:30pm

Thursday, April 6, 6pm

All of a Sudden (Auf Einmal), Asli Özge, 112 min., US Premiere

Friday, March 31, 5pm

Wednesday, April 5, 4pm

Destiny (Der Mude Tod), Fritz Lang, 97 min., US Premiere

Monday, April 3, 8pm. Silent film with live music by DJ Raphaël Marionneau

Presented by Bertelsmann

Fog in August (Nebel im August), Kai Wessel, 126 min., US Premiere

Saturday, April 1, 6pm

Sunday, April 2, 3pm. Director Kai Wessel in attendance

Fukushima, Mon Amour (Grusse aus Fukushima), Doris Dörrie, 104 min. East Coast Premiere

Friday, March 31, 3pm

Saturday, April 1, 4pm

Hanna’s Sleeping Dogs (Hannas Schlafende Hunde), Andreas Gruber, 120 min. New York Premiere

Tuesday, April 4, 5:30pm

Wednesday, April 5, 8pm

Marija, Michael Koch, 100 min., US Premiere

Monday, April 3, 6pm

Tuesday, April 4, 3:30pm

Next Generation Short Tiger, 2016, US Premiere

Monday, April 3, 4pm


Original Bliss (Gleissendes Gluck), Sven Taddicken, 102 min., New York Premiere

Sunday, April 2, 6pm

Thursday, April 6, 8pm

Paula, Christian Schwochow, 123 min., US Premiere

Friday, March 31, 7:30pm, opening film

Saturday, April 1, 1:30pm, followed by Deutsched Haus at NYU discussion with lead actress Carla Juri at 4:30pm

Power to change – The Energy Rebellion (Die Energierebellion), Carl A. Fechner, 94 min., East Coast Premiere

Wednesday, April 5, 6pm

Thursday April 6, 3:30pm

The Verdict (Terror – Ihr Urteil), Lars Kraume, 120 min., North American Premiere

Tuesday, April 4, 8pm

Wild, Nicolette Krebitz, 97 min., East Coast Premiere

Saturday, April 1, 8:30pm

Sunday, April 2, 1pm

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