Opening of an exhibition of photographs by Giuseppe Di Piazza. Observing these photographs, the perceptions of touch and vision are one and the same. The choice of a particular location and that of wanting to narrate it, implies exposing oneself, defining a perspective from a personal observation point. It is from this point of view, which our interest and attention is captured. What we observe: shapes from the Padania plains to American city glimpses and landscapes, the value of which is given by the reflection from within. These photographs depict an oblique progression. That same motion of the many territories being scrutinized. The muffled sounds alternate with that of silence. The light spreads itself evenly, until it blends into the fog or summon contrasts yet to be discovered. One of Giuseppe Di Piazza’s objectives, author of these shots, seems to be the desire to capture a mutation. He creates a dialogue. He places himself in relation to landscape and the city. He brings those elements, which are familiar to these areas and often forgotten or taken for granted, to life. He delves into an exposition of the subconscious mind. This author is blatantly up-front, even in motion. He doesn’t hide. He restores an identity. He holds back just long enough, to take a breath, make an observation, by way of a transversal force. Yet, a powerful fantastical presence gushes out from everywhere, and it’s from that moment on, where stories, tales, and legends may begin.

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Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò - NYU
24 West 12th Street New York, NY-10011

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