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Made in Italy as a Tool for Language Teaching

Teaching Italian: A Symposium/Workshops for Instructional Materials, Meeting X, a signature event for Italian professional development, is back, celebrating its 10th year! This milestone is marked with a day dedicated to ‘Made in Italy’ as a tool for language learning. The keynote address, “Does ‘Made in Italy’ Still Exist: New meanings of “Italian” in a changing world” by Riccardo Giumelli (Università di Verona), will be followed by a panel discussion on the role of ‘Made in Italy’ in teaching and learning of Italian as an LS/L2, moderated by Enza Antenos, Symposium Chair and Italian Professor, Montclair State.

Workshops would provide examples of how to teach ‘Made in Italy’ from elementary to AP levels, incorporating fun and engaging techniques that can be adapted to all levels, and are ready for instant use in the classroom. Participants will have hands-on experience on how to create instructional materials together and critique/(self-) assess the materials designed for classroom use on a variety of ‘Made in Italy’ topics. Concurrent workshops will led by Elda Buonanno Foley (Iona College), Ryan Calabretta-Sajder (University of Arkansas), Riccardo Giumelli, Mirtilli Morgana (Studio Arcobaleno srl), and Lyn Scolaro (Prospect High School, IL).


Join us at Montclair State University, on Friday, October 20, from 8:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m., Conference Center (University Hall)

REGISTRATION still open https://tinyurl.com/tixreg

Seven professional developments credit hours will be awarded
$50 (teachers)/$25 (prospetive teachers/students) and includes breakfast, luncheon and parking

Co-sponsored by the Coccia Institute and the Italian Program, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Additional information, please contact Mary Ann Re, Director of the Coccia Institute, rem@montclair.edu

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Montclair State University, Conference Center (University Hall)
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