Memorial Celebration for Carlo Tresca: 75 years Later

On January 11, 1943, Carlo Tresca was gunned down on the north east corner of 5th and 15th. Tresca was a stalwart champion of freedom and equality and was unapologetically Italian. Some Italian-Americans have not forgotten the legacy of this “free-lance revolutionary paladin” and are hosting a memorial celebration on the 75th anniversary of his assassination. It will be held at the very spot where this “solider of the ideal” last drew breath. All are welcomed to join in this communal festivity (12pm-1pm).

The event includes:
performances by LuLu LoLo and Annie Lanzillotto, a reading of a Elizabeth Gurley Flynn poem (on Tresca) by Mary Anne Trasciatti, a didactical interpretation of Tresca’s story (immigration, labor struggle, anti-fascism) by Stephen Cerulli, and a few other surprises.

A brief bio of Carlo Tresca (1879 – 1943) by Stephen J.Cerulli:
Carlo Tresca was born in Sulmona (Abruzzo), Italy. In his paese, he attached himself to the local socialist movement and discovered his lifelong trade in labor organizing and editing radical newspapers. In 1904 he immigrated to America where he joined the sovversivi (subversives) in a cultural war, for the soul of Italian America, against the Black Hand, the capitalist class, and the Church. The conditions in America guided his conversion from revolutionary socialism to a loose anarcho-syndicalism. For the greater part of the nineteen-teens he collaborated with the IWW in a series of a labor strikes, along with his revolutionary lover, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. By the mid-1920s, Tresca was the vanguard of anti-fascism in New York. Along with a cohort of committed anti-fascists, he balked fascist influence in the city. On January 11, 1943, Tresca was viciously gunned down by mobster Carmine Galante. We now come together to celebrate the life of one of America’s greatest labor agitators and anti-fascists. It is imperative to contemplate and memorialize the courage and values Tresca demonstrated in mortality.

A more comprehensive biography by historian Nunzio Pernicone; https://libcom.org/history/carlo-tresca-1879-1943

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NW Corner of 5th Avenue and 15th Street, New York

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