Italian Academy, Columbia University: “The Divided Society After November 3rd”

This online event (11:30–2:00 EST, on Nov 23 and 24) addresses the outcome of the US election and the effects of the deep semantic and cultural divisions in the country, the influence of the electoral results on the US’s international standing, and possible paths to reconciliation.

The conference—organized by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations with the Centro Studi Americani in Rome and Columbia’s Italian Academy—will take place over two days in Rome, at the Centro Studi Americani; international speakers will be invited to join by Zoom video. Simultaneous interpretation (English/Italian, Italian/English) will be provided throughout.

In today’s democracies, conflict continues unabated over the correct policy responses to everything from the Covid-19 pandemic to economic inequality and ethnic diversity. In the United States in particular, this conflict has sown profound divisions between figures in the staunch two-party system, which are not only political but have taken on a distinctly cultural hue. The extreme result of this cultural polarization may yet be the delegitimization of the world’s most famous democracy.

Day 1: November 23, 11:30AM–2:00PM (NY time)

Welcoming remarks
Giancarlo Bosetti, Reset DOC
David Freedberg, The Italian Academy, Columbia University
Ferdinando Salleo, Centro Studi Americani

Round Table: The US after November 3rd: Will the Healing Begin? 
Michael Walzer (Introductory Remarks)
Lisa Anderson, Seyla Benhabib, Jelani Cobb, Jedediah Purdy
Chair: Marina Calloni

Round Table: “The Future of Atlantic Relations”
Giuliano Amato, Craig Calhoun, Federico Rampini, Torrey Taussig
Chair: Maria Latella

Day 2: November 24, 11:30AM–2:00PM (NY time)

Round Table: The Divided Society
Mark Lilla (Keynote Speech)
Anthony Appiah, Sheri Berman, Ian Buruma
Chair: Giuseppe Sarcina

Round Table: “Inequality, Caste and Democracy”
Daron Acemoğlu (Keynote Speech)
Sudipta Kaviraj, Michèle Lamont, Rahsaan Maxwell
Chair: José Casanova

Closing Remarks
Giancarlo Bosetti
David Freedberg

A video recording will be published after the conference.

Organized by Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (Milan) with the Centro Studi Americani (Rome); supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Co-sponsored by the Italian Academy.

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